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Modern Medical Technology

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MMT Medical Equipment Company is well-established regional medical supplier that was started in 2011 in QATAR by a team of highly qualified, skilled and determined professional, to set an outstanding trend in supplying medical equipment and best-in -class eHealth solutions for specialized industry needs in both private and government health industry sectors.


MMT prides itself on providing the highest level of medical products, e-health Solutions and support to its customers with following objectives:

  • To ensure efficient and effective sales and delivery of medical supplies, medical equipment and eHealth solutions to our customers.
  • To collaborate with government of Qatar, National health organization and other partners in promotion and implementation of health care policies and services.
  • To ensure availability of cost effective, high quality and safe medical supplies.
  • To provide support, technical advice and training to our customers.


Your Health is at our service.


To be a major regional provider of healthcare solutions across government, private and industrial organizations in Qatar market with extended coverage in gulf region.


To uplift and maintain the healthcare systems through providing quality medical equipments and supplies to healthcare organization in government and private sectors. MMT is looking to grow in Qatar market and then expands its presence to rest of gulf countries including but not limited to Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE and Oman.